How Much Damage Can a Leaky Shower Cause?

- It may become brittle, break down, experience cracks and let water through. . In extreme conditions, such as a bathroom on an exterior wall without proper insulation, a perfectly fine barrier might fail. Plastics last a long time, but they’re not impervious to damage. Older tar paper barriers can crack and fail, as well ..More

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Is PEX Tubing a Home Inspection Defect?

- . Crosslinking helps PEX resist cracking, impact damage, and extremely cold temperatures. PEX info says the manufacturer may use the Engels method, the Silane method or the radiation method to create the necessary chemical reaction that triggers crosslinking. Crosslinking adds strength, flexibility, and durability to the polymer ..More

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5 Surprising Facts About Becoming a Home Inspector

- . Appraisers work for the lender and have their best interest at heart. Home inspectors work for the buyer in most cases, and that’s where their loyalty lies. The most glaring difference is the customer. Why do customers need an inspection if they’ll have an appraisal as part of the sale? Because inspections and appraisals aren’t the same things ..More

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6 Things a Certified Home Inspector Knows About Fireplaces

- . But where they exist, chances are the homeowner wants to use them. Wood-burning fireplaces aren’t as common now as they once were. There’s something about a fireplace that makes any home seem more comfortable ..More

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5 Unusual Home Inspection Considerations for Historic Property

- . According to Environment Health and Safety Online, the 1800s saw a surge in asbestos mining and its use in residential properties. As with lead, asbestos is probably present in many parts of a historic house ..More

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