How Much Damage Can a Leaky Shower Cause?

- In either case, the pan can crack if the subfloor isn’t sturdy enough to hold it. If the pan cracks and the water barrier doesn’t hold, water can pour through the floor with every shower. . A tiled shower floor is either installed over a prefabricated shower pan that’s made for tile or it’s built on a concrete shower pan that was fabricated on-site ..More

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Is PEX Tubing a Home Inspection Defect?

- Although PEX is a seemingly ideal solution for anything from piping the whole interior of the home to running heated water through a radiant home heating system, it’s not perfect. . That’s one reason why, even in areas where it’s up to code, it’s still not used outside the home. Perhaps the most prominent disadvantage is its lack of resistance to UV damage ..More

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Is a Tree Root to Blame? Or is the Main Sewer Line Just Clogged?

- It’s no accident when tree roots set up housekeeping inside a home’s main sewer line. . Root seek moisture, which is something in steady supply with a sewer line. In mature trees, roots can be enormous, long, tangled things that spread out far and wide ..More

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What Exactly is Radon and Why Should Homeowners Care?

- Radon is a home health hazard you cannot see, taste, or smell. . You might see comparisons between radon and carbon monoxide because neither presents itself. This makes it extremely dangerous when it reaches high levels in your home ..More

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Here are the Top 4 Reasons Some Home Inspectors Don’t Make It

- If sixty percent fail, then forty percent take off. . What do they know that you might not? Here are 4 things they either avoided altogether or they conquered along the way ..More

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