Electrical Theory for Certified Home Inspectors

- . When it’s switched to the “Off” position, the main breaker cuts power to all of the breakers at once. Most load centers have several circuit breakers plus one main. It doesn’t affect the power coming into the panel. Even if the main is switched off, the panel is still hot or live. The main allows electricity to reach the individual circuit breakers. The meter outside must be disconnected to eliminate power to the panel ..More

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Understanding the Full Scope of Home Inspector Licensing

- . Is it a protective measure for consumers? Or is the dominant motivation more of a safeguard for real estate agents?. On the surface, support from within the real estate agency community seems like a positive thing for consumers. But some inspectors wonder why so many agents are on board ..More

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Home Inspectors Can’t See Through Walls but They Can Take a Few Hints

- . But when faced with a puzzling situation, such as a water stain with no visible source or an outlet with no apparent defects aside from the fact that it doesn’t work, put on your sleuthing hat. Home inspectors can’t see through walls, but experience and time in the industry will improve your deductive reasoning. You might have an “Aha!” moment. Don’t expect to find every problem that’s hidden inside a home ..More

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Here’s What Home Inspector Training Teaches You About Home Heating

- Within each section, you can elaborate on the condition of the system and any defects that you find. . For example, when inspecting the vent systems, you should note any defects such as a broken connector or a degraded seam seal. That’s the framework for reporting on the heat system ..More

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Bang, Rattle, Clang: Here’s What’s Happening In Noisy Plumbing Pipes

- They’ll assess the problem and recommend a solution, which may be outside the scope of a homeowner’s basic skill set. . If an appliance is the cause, the homeowner needs a technician ..More

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