5 Surprising Facts About Becoming a Home Inspector

- Appraisers work for the lender and have their best interest at heart. Why do customers need an inspection if they’ll have an appraisal as part of the sale? Because inspections and appraisals aren’t the same things. The most glaring difference is the customer. Home inspectors work for the buyer in most cases, and that’s where their loyalty lies. ..More

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How a Certified Home Inspector Spots Old Evidence of Flooding

- If the buyer lives in the area and it’s had at least one major event, they’re probably aware of the risk of buying a house with flood damage. What they might not know is the extent of damage that water can cause. Some locations are prone to flooding. ..More

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Here’s What Every Home Inspector Should Know About Indoor Air Quality

- Fortunately, there are lots of solutions, many of them available on a DIY level. Air purification systems that work either in tandem with or independent from the main HVAC system can trap more particles for cleaner air. For homeowners concerned about what they breathe, the list of potential hazards is almost endless. ..More

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Should Stab-in Receptacle Connectors be a Home Inspection Defect?

- If wired incorrectly, which is easier to do than you might imagine, or after years of shifting around, they can leave the home with a home inspection defect. They’re legal, at least in most parts of the country, but should they be? Back-wired, push-in electric receptacles were designed for one reason, and that’s convenience. ..More

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What Makes Federal Pacific Breaker Panels a Home Inspection Defect?

- What’s so dangerous about them and how can you identify a problem even if there’s no evidence of arcing, sparking or charring?. Although many of them have long since been removed, Federal Pacific Electric (FPE) breaker panels with Stab-Lok breakers still exist in homes across America. ..More

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