Understanding the Full Scope of Home Inspector Licensing

- Just because two states have education and licensing standards doesn’t mean they’re the same. . Working RE also suggests that state licensing gives consumers a false sense of security. Further, lobbyists might have different motives for supporting regulation ..More

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6 Smart Home Tech Gadgets Home Inspectors Need to Know

- They also provide for excellent audio clarity. . Home security cameras are smaller and less noticeable than ever. Home inspectors can use infrared cameras to look for “hot” switches, for example. This makes it easy to spot potential issues. Even those who don’t want full-time recording benefit from motion sensors that can detect movement 10 feet away. Of course, cameras can be used in other ways too ..More

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How to Become a Certified Home Inspector in Alabama

- As long as you have a diploma or GED, you can become licensed after working for one year as an inspector and completing 100 inspections. . In the absence of any requirement, Alabama makes one more exception. This is obviously difficult to do if you can’t legally work without a license. The provision exists to fast-track licensing for people who have worked elsewhere before applying for an Alabama license ..More

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Talk With Your Home Inspection Customers About Fall Home Maintenance

- Separate air conditioning units should be insulated and covered, recommends Bob Vila, to protect them from the elements and to keep cold air from whistling in around window installations. . As summer fades into fall, air conditioning switches to heat. A filter change is always recommended before turning on heat for the first time of the new cool season ..More

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6 Things a Certified Home Inspector Knows About Fireplaces

- Buildup on the smoke shelf and inside the chimney can catch fire, setting the whole chimney and fireplace ablaze. . Creosote, which is a byproduct of combustion, is extremely flammable. But when the homeowner builds a fire, it melts and can drip. When not in use, black creosote is hard and sometimes brittle ..More

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